Family Guy feature: Quagmire’s House

If you’ve watched even one episode of Family Guy, then you probably know who Quagmire is. In an episode from season 10, entitled “Meg & Quagmire“, Meg ┬áturns 18 and Quagmire tries to date her. I’m not really sure of his exact age in the show, but he is obviously as old as her Dad, so it’s creepy. The reason I’m bringing this up is because in this episode they show a lot of Quagmire’s House.

The makers of Family Guy know what is takes to create the home of a Creeper. It’s the perfect mix of a vintage porn set, the 70’s, a strip club, and Gigolos. To enhance his Creeper status, Quagmire has an obnoxious catch phrase, wears a Hawaiian shirt, and (as shown below) sometimes a gold chain.

None of these things are acceptable for you to attract a decent lady. Please assess yourself, and adjust as needed.


Heartshaped bed and mirror on the ceiling:ceiling mirror

Lois doll and wall mounted sex toys:

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 1.29.26 PM

I can’t find the episode on Fox, Netflix instant, or Hulu. So here is a link to a (questionably legal?) site FamilyGuyEpisodes.


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