Give a sheet.

If you’re an adult, you should at least know that childish sheets are frowned upon by the ladies. Superheroes, weird patterns, animals, or anything creepy… all bad. Here are a few examples to avoid:

creepshow. this one screams "It's very likely that I live in my Mom's basement and watch anime 24/7"

You won't find a girl hiding in there...

while this IS a pretty genius design- it will NOT get you a real girl.

Here are a few reasonably priced options that the ladies will actually want to get in (click images for links). Notes: Pick something simple, know that bedding (along with all other items in your home) are representing you as a person. The cozier the bed, the longer she’ll want to stay in it. Soft sheets and a comfortable mattress/ pillows are very important!

These pinstripes are great, but please don't upgrade to the monogram.. it makes it look like an elderly female relative bought them for you.

Still nervous about not picking the right set/ pattern? Just go with ALL white. clean and simple. (but you must keep them clean and white, if they’re yellowed than they’re no good). DO NOT buy all black or satin bedding- unless you are a pimp or a male prostitute. Other solid colors are okay, but consider mixing them with a patterned duvet cover/ throw pillows. Please don’t EVER buy a “bed in a bag“. They are terrible quality, fully matched sets, that will make you look incompetent. I know they may catch your eye with their promises of ‘easy, one-step bedroom decor’– but trust me, no girl will be impressed.

***IMPORTANT: cleaning your bedding. You should change your sheets as often as possible. (It’s not that hard. Just do it.) To save on having to do laundry so often, you can also have MULTIPLE sets of sheets. This same rule applies to towels.***

Sheet sets- these come with a ‘fitted’ one that goes over the mattress as well as another large piece of fabric that covers the people in the bed. This also comes with 2 matching pillow cases. These are the basics, you need ALL of this.

Duvet cover- If you have a down comforter or any other non-decorative comforter, you need a duvet cover. It is literally just like  giant pillow case that you put your comforter in. This allows you to wash the cover (only) and not have to wash the whole comforter. It will make your life easier.

Comforter- As mentioned above this can be down or any other material. I think that most girls prefer down or imitation down, because it makes for a very comfy and warm bed. Down/ imitation down comforters also fill duvet covers really well and make your bed look plush and nice! A good article about down comforters vs. blankets.

Euro shams- While I don’t expect you to have a million throw pillows.. Euro shams will be your best friends, trust me. They are large 24″ x 24″ square pillows (check IKEA) with multiple cover options. Due to their size, they’re great for sitting up in bed. When you and your visitor are comfortable in other positions (sitting and not just laying) you are more likely to spend MORE time there.

Other logistics/ Important information << click here.

This is a GREAT set up. Simple, masculine and stylish. There are 2 regular pillows with a matching sheet set, and 2 Euro shams with a matching comforter/ duvet cover. perfection. (no frills)

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