Impressive mornings

If you’re into a girl, you shouldn’t just kick her out in the morning (or the night before, obviously). Consider the idea that maybe you weren’t very impressive the night before. You can still win her over with your breakfast making skills. Try a few of these simple ideas* from this excellent¬†BuzzFeed¬†article “31 Exciting Eggs in Holes“. Add a little breakfast sausage, and you might have yourself another date.



*I’m okay with all of these except the kid shapes, dog cut outs, and super fat kid doughnut one. See original article. Avoid making her fat, unless that’s what you’re into…

For the more advanced man, there are also a few ideas using a muffin tin:




Again, I’d avoid the childish shapes/ decorations. While it is a fact that girls like bunnies, I don’t think its necessary for her breakfast to have a face. The hearts are a little cheesy, but sweet. As long as the sentiment is really there, you can carve out all the <3’s your little heart desires.


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