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Lighting is one of the most important aspects of an Interior Space, and not just for “getting laid” purposes. Proper lighting can make you feel calm, relaxed, comfortable, happy or even refreshed. While improper lighting can make you feel tense, exposed, unhappy or

We’ve all heard the term “mood lighting“, but what exactlydoes that mean to you? Unless you know how to arrange and implement lighting properly, it may not mean much.


Mood: You want to create a calm or relaxed mood so that your guest feels comfortable. The use of non-uniformly distributed, lower light levels, or wall lights typically encourage these feelings. What does that mean to you? keep reading…

Visual Interest: Something that adds a touch of “magic”. A beautiful glowing ball, edison bulb, or unique/ unusual light.

Wall Lighting: The use of wall lighting is preferred over ceiling lights. Shining your bedside lamp onto the wall creates a nicer general glow, than the more harsh ceiling light. In this Article “Lighting: Its Effects on People and Spaces” the Author says that people like to face illuminated walls. If it’s engrained in our psyche to face the light, why not use that to your advantage?

Levels: You want to have more “glow” than “spotlight”. Light should not be directional, unless it is directed at a wall (which in turn bounces off and becomes more ambient). Too bright is just as bad as too dark. See below for more.

Overall, this is a good look… decent light level, ambient glow, and it doesn’t look like he tried TOO hard. simple is good.

interesting lights were used here to create a warm glow and possible nostalgic feelings.

unique mood lighting

Candles: There are a lot of common misconceptions about candle light. Proper candle lighting can be more complicated than you might think. Too many, and she might think you’re going to sacrifice her body and hold a seancetoo little and you may leave her wanting… Most girls love candles, but I doubt they want to worry about their hair catching fire during a romp in your bed. Don’t light more than what you can realistically light when she’s in the restroom (too much prep work can make your efforts feel trite).

Always be careful with their placement: Don’t place them too close to the bed or other flammable items. Buy the kind in tins, or place them on a surface that will not be ruined by wax. Always think ahead. I doubt you want to spring out of bed to find the fire extinguisher at any point in the evening..

Don’t light more than what you can realistically light when she’s in the restroom (too much prep work can make your efforts feel trite)


Bright vs. Dark: Most women are admittedly self conscious in the nude, so why would you want to surround them with probing bright lights? I can easily advise that interrogation lighting is not the best best way to get a woman’s clothes off. On the flip side, the exact opposite doesn’t work well either. Too dark, often makes for clumsy, possibly creepy, and maybe even a little hazardous (knee to the face, elbow to the stomach, finger in the eye.. perhaps?). From Wikipedia“As once a director Sahin Michael Derun said ” The difference between porn and erotica is the lighting”, simply pointing out the importance of lighting in cinematography.”. So true.

Top vs. Bottom: No, we’re not talking positions, yet, still lighting… “Uplighting” is generally a no-go. Picture a ghost story around a fire, with the storyteller lighting only their face… creepy. Additionally spotlights are no good. Are you in a strip club? NO.

Colored Light: Please no. Just no. You’re not in a bad porno, colored Christmas lights are tacky, and you better not have a neon sign in your bedroom. To learn more about neon signs in the home- please CLICK HERE.

NO. NONE OF THIS. you are not a pimp/ you better not be filming/ she’s not a stripper.

Unless you’re at a club, dance party or strip club– Please no disco balls in the house, at all. Especially not in the bedroom.


While I see the good intentions here, this is not done well. This creates uplighting, which, as mentioned above- is creepy… like storytelling around a fire.

unless you’re in a strip club, please avoid spotlights.

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