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This submission comes to us all the way from Austin, Texas… and this, my friends, is one of epic proportions. Jake has not one, but TWO, Lazy Boy recliners. Let us weigh the pros and cons now, I will provide some solutions in another post soon. [Update! replacements]


No, your eyes have not failed you… and this is not a joke… This one is literally right next to the bed.


-He has seating in his apartment, and it matches.

-His bedroom is already set up for his geriatric days in-home care. Recliner by the bed for ease into walker use…

-There is more than one soft surface to get down on in his bedroom (although, that fabric really freaks me out, so- also a CON.)

-Comfortable lounging during movies means you’re more likely to get a middle-school-esque-movie-make-out-sesh. You didn’t really want to watch that movie anyway, did you..?

-Tufting (those buttons on the backrest) are sometimes a nice way to add style to relatively plain furniture. But, I’m going to go ahead and say that those points have all been reduced by the fact that these are still not stylish in any way.


-The matching seating points are deducted, as they are nulled by the fact that they are also hideous. Not all twins are attractive…Two isn’t always better than one…

-Without the owner in the room, this space appears to house an elderly gentleman.

-As far as old Lazy Boy recliners go, these are in pretty decent shape… Although that dark color is probably hiding a lot, which makes me queasy just thinking about it. It’s not like you throw them in the wash, or have them drycleaned (and if you tell me you have steam cleaners come in and shampoo these, I know you’re lying)… Years of stuff is just living in there…

-I can’t see what other furnishings are surrounding these two chairs, but I can’t imagine that they’re enough to negate the lazy boys’ presence. The other stuff would have to be REALLY, really awesome.

What could be worse than a regular lazy boy? 

-two or more lazy boys

-uglier fabric/ black leather

-crumbs in the cracks/ sides. Do you own a vacuum?

-sports teams or other unnecessary markings/ labels. (We get it, you like sports.. why does your lazy boy headrest need to rub it in?)

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