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As a follow up to our Lazy Boy | Reader Submission post, I have compiled this list of replacements for our Reader (the owner of two very old, matching, LazyBoy recliners). This list is more or less catered to meet the same needs that the existing LazyBoys meet. If the chair does not recline, I tried to include an ottoman option. You’d be surprised that this is often just as comfortable as a recliner! FYI: I chose from moderately priced, widely accessible, companies for this list- so that you can all get these items locally or online, easily. Additionally, I included a mix of styles ranging from more modern, to classic/ traditional.

1 IKEA $250. with ottoman. Comes in other fabrics/ colors as well

2 CB2 $1100. with ottoman. Comes in an oatmeal color too, but I don’t recommend it if you’re messy.

3 WestElm $600. Multiple color/ material options. I recommend the microfiber, as it is easy to clean (it’s the same fabric that most new LazyBoy’s come in). This same chair also comes in a glider version, it’s like a rocking chair that slides front to back. No matching ottoman available for the stationery chair, so try the glider ottoman (it’s like a work out while sitting). The glider ottoman could be used with either version of the chair, however there is only one fabric choice.

4 WestElm $700. Two basic color options, and it reclines.

5 WestElm $500.  These low and deep proportions (32.5″w x 30.5″d x 31″h) make for comfortable lounging. The midcentury style gives a classic/ timeless look to any space. Don’t like the blue? Try stripes , leather, or any of the other fabric options. Matching ottomans available.

6 WestElm $600. Again, these low, deep and wide proportions (46″w x 39.5″d x 36.5″h) allow for some serious lounging. Multiple color/ material options available. Matching ottoman available.

7 PotteryBarn $800. I chose this chair because it looks comfortable and mimics the same tufting from the original LazyBoy we are trying to replace. Tufting adds a great classic/ timeless look to any piece. Add an ottoman for more comfortable lounging.

8 Potterybarn $1700. Worth the investment. Leather only gets better with time. If you can afford it, always upgrade to leather and you’ll have the piece forever. Matching ottoman available. Additionally, this piece has those low and wide proportions again,  (44″ wide x 44″ deep x 35″ high) great for lounging alone or even with one additional person.

9 PotteryBarn $1600. Worth the investment. You will have it forever. This is a Chesterfield (probably the most classic style available) it has tufting to give a classic/ timeless look, and leather for longevity. I like to say ‘Go big, or go home’, in this case- If you’re going for the OldMan look, you might as well go all the way.. Nothing says it like tufted leather, getting better with age… Matching ottoman available, and also, very worth it.

10 Crate&Barrel $1300. Matching ottoman available.

11 Crate&Barrel $2500. Probably one of the nicest (albeit pricey) leather recliners on the market. Multiple leather options available. Here is another similar option for less $1800.

***More options include companies like: Restoration Hardware, GusModern, BluDot, YLiving, Room&Board***

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