Real Men Have Nice (Clean) Dishes

–Author: Zac Feltoon–

Now that you are no longer in college, an easy way to appear like you know what you are doing, even before you turn on the stove, is to have well designed and masculine glassware, flatware and cutlery.

First, and maybe most important of all, are the wine glasses. And yes, you need to have both red and white wine glasses.  One of the top companies for this has always been Riedel. Their glasses can easily go for more than a few hundred dollars for a tasting set and some would argue fervently that it’s worth it. I am not going to say either way, however, the same company makes really well designed glassware that you can buy at places like Wegman’s and Target.

Not a bad set to get you started. Now you just have to worry about picking the right wine.

Unless it’s game day…keep the branded tumblers in the cabinet. Invest in a basic glass set of various sized tumblers.

For the dishes, you can’s go wrong with white. Seriously WHITE…not cream, not eggshell, not off-white, but pure white. One of the finest purveyors of your first set of dishes has to be Fishs Eddy in NYC. If you can make it to the store they usually have mountainous piles of previous season’s dishes that they are letting go for for a fraction of their full price. CB2 and Crate&Barrel are also great for simple, moderately priced options… and on the tightest of budgets- even IKEA has some good options. There is literally no budgetary excuse for mis-matched dishes.

Fishs Eddy Dinner Whites

I really do love this store, and if you feel compelled to go for something with a bit more pop, check these out:

Add some texture to your whites to give style and design without worrying about clashing color(s)

One color, Simple Shapes, Great Subject, Great Design

Flatware could easily warrant it’s own post, but for now, I will say this: one piece stainless steel. From there, it’s easy to use your own style and look around for flatware that looks attractive and stylish, without being too flowery and fussy. As with anything else, the prices could easily soar, but it’s really not that hard to find a very nice and large complete set under $50.00 or so.

You never want you entire house to look like and IKEA catalog, however, using select pieces from them could pay dividends…like this flatware set by: Mårten Cyrén

One of my all-time favorite flatware sets from Ginkgo

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