sometimes I like it on the floor…

Bed placement is very important. There is a lot to consider here: height, size, location, general comfort, appearance, etc.. Let’s talk a bit about height/ location. Generally, having a bedframe is best, but when you don’t have one (for whatever reason) here are some pointers for bed-on-floor success:

1.This space is minimal, clean, and although ‘simple’ it appears to be well thought out. Nice sheets, side table height works with the bed on the floor, and theres lighting and art etc… (10 points)

2. The struggling musician look. Hopefully you have nice floors like this, and as long as you keep them clean, and your bed made– you might get away with this look for a long time. Try hanging some art or the guitar on the walls. (4 points for the space, 7 if you can play that guitar…)

3. Modernist/ Minimalist look. Sometimes less is more, and it doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot on furniture. The headboard here, helps define the bed’s space and makes the whole space look well thought out. (10 points for this minimalist space with minimum effort)

4. Another struggling musician style space. Unsuccessful in that the side tables are not the right proportion/ height for the bed on the floor. The sheets look clean/ matching, so that’s a good thing… Keep playing that guitar and maybe you can afford a bedframe someday soon. Also, pick up your clothes and make the bed, a little effort goes a long way. (6 points for something..)

5. Again, really minimal, but this works for the first few weeks post- move in. Eventually, this room would look better with some stuff on the walls. The gorgeous floor makes almost anything in this room okay. For now, a pretty solid look.. (8 points for effort, 10 points for that floor)

6. This is awesome. One million points to this genius, he will have no trouble getting the ladies into this one. It may be on the floor (kind of) but it’s clean, zen and inviting, with great natural light.

 7. Yo, that’s sketchy. Is this your safe house? What was your crime? Is tonight going to be my last? Wall-to-wall carpet is almost always off-putting, and those stains on the wall are not helping.. (-9 points for being the scariest shit I’ve seen so far today. -10 points if theres blood stains I’m not seeing)

8. Are you a squatter? Grown ups usually own more stuff… and I don’t mean teddy bears. Get that outta here! (2 points for decently manly sheets, -8 for the teddy. Giving you a grand total of -6 for your effortless space)

9. This person has the right idea. It’s clean, made neatly, and the sheets go together (without being too matchy). I assume by that side table, that this is not actually a guy’s room, but I like the bed placement as an example anyway. Note: Placing your bed against the wall is less conducive to getting more than one person in there. Try pulling it away from the wall a bit to allow some walking space for the person getting in the other side. (8 points for effort, 9 if you take my advice and pull the bed away from the wall)

 Also see Give a Sheet, to learn more about bedding!

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  1. GenBecks
    June 24, 2013 6:09 pm

    For #5, 10 points for that LCM chair alone.

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