wet on the floor

Something you may not think about often, but use everyday, is your bathmat. If you don’t already have one, you should. It makes for a much more pleasant shower experience to step out onto something warm and dry instead of cold tile.

I only recommend that you use the type of mat that you can wash frequently. If you can’t it’s gross. The thick double sided terry cloth/ cotton kind are the best because they hold up well over time. You can wash them as often as your towels and they won’t look dingy. Here are a few examples, one, two, three. This kind is also okay, but I don’t think they look as nice as a simple thick cotton.

cotton mat

The nylon semi-washable kind is the worst. The non-skid backing doesn’t hold up well being washed frequently. It deteriorates and looks gross. Additionally, the nylon part that you step on does not feel warm and nice when you get out of the shower, as it it non-absorbent. Natural materials like cotton are best. Lastly, super fluffy and soft ones like this are tempting, but the problem is that they get easily matted down, making them look dirty all the time (even after one use). You want a happy medium, not too thick, not too thin..

If you’re too lazy to keep a bathmat clean, you could also try a teak mat. They are made of teak (wood) and hold up well in wet environments. They aren’t as soft and nice as a cotton mat, but they will be warmer and less slippery than tile. (Note: don’t forget to mop underneath it regularly).


Other important notes:

–This is a bath MAT not a RUG. Always remember to hang it over the side of the tub or shower door to allow it to properly dry after each use. Don’t leave in on the floor. If you want something to stand on when your dry (by the sink or toilet), make sure that it is not the same thing that you use post-showers. Like any rug, you want it to stay clean and dry.

–Solid colors or simple patterns are best. Avoid any weirdness like this.

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